ICE AUGER BLADE                                     SHARPENING
About Us:  We are located on Lake St.Clair in Michigan and have been sharpening blades for years now and have done thousands with NOT one return. We have customers from California to the East Coast including Canada. We do NOT exchange blades but return YOURS only.
We work every day so your blades are ready the very next morning ( if not the same day) to be picked up or shipped out.
We sharpen ALL blades Eskimo, Finbore, HT, Jiffy, Lazer (Strikemaster), Mora and yes, Nils (nilsmaster) !
We use machines that are made just for sharpening ice auger blades, we have jigs right from Nils for their blades and have been authorized and trained through them.  We GUARANTEE our work.
Please view the videos below for more detailed info on blades and shipping.

AP  28955 William P Rosso Hwy,  Chesterfield,  Mi  48047              Ph# 586-949-9223

*$5 per blade, *$20 for Nils Blade plus $3 shipping, 
                  Name, Return Address, Ph# and email for ship tracking#.

New Blades